We are Active OMG

Ami is the essence of Active OMG. Lawrence, Louis and the rest of the team love working with Ami. Read our backstory here

Ami loves to engage with new people. Ami revels in constantly learning. Ami prides herself on her conversational skills. Ami does her research. Ami created elegant solutions. Ami knows who to ask if she does not know the answer. Ami has goals and achieves them.

That’s Active OMG from top to bottom

We love talking about Ami

If you write about Ami please contact louis@meetami.ai or come and visit us at in London England at Jubilee House, 197-213 Oxford St, Soho, London W1D 2LF

We love talented people

We hire purely based on ability. We strive to provide fair and conducive working conditions, and training and development opportunities for all our employees. We work in small teams called Pods. If you want to join one of the Pods, drop an email to jobs@meetami.ai and tell us why you would go OMG every day working with Ami.

We love interesting customers

Ami loves to be on new websites. Ami wants to be the sales person who has the time to have a chat with every single visitor to your website. Ami wants to give a personal touch to every single question from every website visitor. To arrange a demo with Ami click on her logo at the top of the page.

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