AI consistently increases Travel company’s sales by 20%

Artificial Intelligence service Ami has 100s of intelligent conversations every day. Ami is conversing with website visitors on her 15 beta clients.  Active OMG is delighted to report that Ami has increased sales by at least 20% on all of Ami's clients on line assets.

Jamel a Director at Infinity Cruises said, "We find Ami very useful to our business with her ability to learn quickly and help us generate sales."

Lawrence Turner, Founder, Active OMG said "The investment seems worthwhile when I see AMI's conversations delivering our customers the sales we envisaged two years ago.  We see Ami as our child who we are helping to learn how to convert prospects to customers.  She's only two years old, and we are already proud of her (AMI)"

Ami is a fully conversational self-learning AI.  Ami's mission is to boost online sales, and generate qualified sales leads for traditional sales teams.

Ami is as easy to implement as Google Analytics.  She reads her client's websites and digests any other information she is fed.   Ami has an innate ability to service customers, and to learns continuously, never going home.  Unlike a human she never gets tired.  Instead, she gets better the harder you work her.

Ami’s public Beta is now accepting further travel industry clients.


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