Ami’s Election Manifesto

Christmas 2019 is going to have an additional layer of stress for live agents and electorate alike alongside the usual Yule-tide hell of buying presents and catering for relatives with extremely specific dietary requirements – election season is upon us.

Naturally, councils are going to experience a surge in election-based enquiries. Council live agents’ festive cheer will sour as their time is spent answering the same routine questions repeatedly.

Chatbot Ami will work hard on election day

The electorate need information quickly and without the frustration of being kept on hold as there are turkeys to be bought and mince pies to be consumed.

Ami reduces stress

Ami is here to alleviate agent stress and restore their Christmas cheer. Ami can tell residents how to vote, where to vote, how to register, and answer pretty much every routine election enquiry you would expect. Ami reduces agent stress by soaking up the avalanche of routine enquiries they are traditionally bombarded with, enabling them to spend more time answering complex and individual enquiries.

Ami automates routine enquiries and provides 24/7 support

Ami reads the content from your website to answer questions 24/7. Customers do not have to wait in queues as Ami can hold limitless simulation conversations. If a customer needs further support, Ami can schedule a callback, transfer a conversation to a live agent, or send an enquriy through as an email.

Ami is powered by your website’s resources

Ami will stay up to date

Ami answers questions by reading content on your website. Got some last minute polling station closures? No problem – if your website content changes, Ami’s knowledge will be automatically updated.

Case study: Stockport Council

>Ami is already in operation on Stockport council’s website. Stockport residents can ask Ami questions about how to register to vote, ways to vote, the electoral register, and election results.

Users do not need to enter exact trigger keywords like they would with a chatbot. Ami uses natural language processing. Below, a user asks about having someone else vote for them, and Ami correctly identifies that the user needs information about proxy voting.

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