41% of your customers prefer web chat

That makes web chat the number one contact channel for your customers.

When do your customers want to chat?

Your customers come to your website or App for three reasons:

1 – Find Information

2 – Take Action

3 – Make Contact

01 Find information

Information drives sales.  Customers value a quick response. Consumers have questions, want advice, and to understand their options before purchasing.

Ami’s conversations always start immediately.  Ami quickly finds the right information for your customers.

Ami considers the context of the conversation and the customers intent.   Ami individually tailors each response before offering relevant recommendations or proactive promotions.

Ami’s fluid conversations provide higher levels of customer engagement and in turn, brand loyalty. Sales rise and customer insights are fascinating.

02 Take Action

Customers come to your website to make a purchase, get a refund or make an appointment. Ami makes it easier.

Ami’s fluid natural language conversations quickly guide customers to the right product page first time.  Customers enjoy conversational shopping with immediate responses to questions.  Products and services are explained while making choices.

Ami uses the website’s resources to have personal conversations. Happy to discuss everything from tracked package delivery times, nearest store or the bill.

Ami’s clients enjoy reduced agent contact costs and fewer calls. Ami’s shorter customer journeys increase both the number of sales conversions and average basket value.

03 Contact your call centre

Customers who cannot find the right information on your website what to chat with an agent.

Ami will please your customers with an immediate tailored response and please you with 95% self served contacts.  Customers will enjoy Ami’s personalised offers and relevant recommendations.

Ami’s intelligent call and chat routing ensures customers not falling into the 95% self-served, are connected with the right advisor in the right department.  Ami’s goal is to consider all the variables, department expertise, value, qualification, timelines and maximise ROI. Ami even considers advisors availability!

Your costs to serve will fall with both lower average handling time and fewer calls.

Advisors are happier adding value by dealing with the most complex enquires

More sales, happier customers, fewer costs – Love Ami

Love Ami when two children bring delight to conversation