Meet Ami and do more with less, better

Conversational Ai, Ami makes it easier to sell products and provide better customer support and reduce contact centre costs.

Ami is quick and easy to set up to do the hard work for you with and delight your customers.

01 Deploy Tags  

To make the Ami, live, approx. 8 lines of JavaScript will be added to your website. A simple process usually implemented through Google Tag Manager As soon as the tags are live, Ami begins to read and understand your site content.

30 mins max client work

02 Personalise 

Conversations Ami is able to access and use data from your website functions conversationally as soon as the tags have been deployed on your website.  No integration required.  Customer personalising conversations can include using a postcode to find my nearest store or updating a delivery status using wizmo the make of car from a Licence Plate and much more 🙂

0 minutes customer effort

03 Make Ami available to customers

We will hold a business logic workshop to show how to manage Ami’s behaviour  in certain scenarios e.g. when and how to hand off to an agent.  You will be invited to have your own conversations with the AI at this point too, to provide confidence Ami is working as expected.   Once complete, the Ami can be made available to customers

120 minutes customer effort

04 Manage Ami

Ami has a mature dashboard with comprehensive reporting to give you incites about your customers.  Ami’s reporting will quickly inform you as to what to add to your website so Ami can self serve even more customer enquires.  Just add the additional content and Ami will be able read, understand and use the information in conversation.

60 minutes per week of customer effort

Love Ami when two children bring delight to conversation