Proven Technology

Ami uses technology built from the ground up to help clients make more sales while saving them money. Ami has lots of customisable features and can be customised to meet her clients’ needs. Ami’s conversations are made to achieve goals, which she intelligently predicts using her knowledge. Ami increases office productivity by soaking up routine enquiries.

Makes more sales

Ami is AI created to increase your sales from day one. Ami does this by providing qualified leads and triaging customers. Ami will make your website work harder by acting as your 24/7 multitasking sales assistant, reaching a greater number of customers. Ami’s sales successes have been independently audited.

Quality Sales Leads

Ami generates more prospects by increasing the number of leads from client’s websites. Ami also improves sales lead quality as she prioritises more qualified leads, redirecting these customers to more immediate channels. Ami increases your prospects’ engagement and their basket sizes.

Great Customer Service

Ami happily answers customer questions and will handle all but the most complex enquires. Ami knows who to ask for help in your company when she needs it. Customer testimonials:
Annette - “Fast, quick and very responsive”
Ailon - “Surprised at the speedy response”
Mrs Mckernon - “Brilliant service”

Quick and easy to set up

Ami is quick and easy to set up. All that is required is a tag for Ami to run, and there are only 12 lines of code. Ami will then digest your site. Tell Ami who to email and phone in your business and that’s it, to get her going!

Natural Language Conversations

Ami uses natural language to have conversations with customers. Ami uses verbal reasoning to understand queries and concepts. Ami understands structure, slang and context. Ami can even separate and answer two unrelated questions asked simultaneously. Ami is adaptable and answers in her clients’ brand tone. Ami does not use predefined robotic responses as she independently decides what to say.

Values Privacy

Ami is GDPR compliant. Ami collects all the right data and she also creates a full audit record. Ami asks customers about marketing opt-ins and consent rates are much higher as they are asked conversationally.

Independently Achieves Goals

Ami’s goals bring business success by increasing sales and providing customer support. Ami’s accumulated experience drives her success. Ami’s algorithm works out the predicted outcome of the conversation as well as the response most likely to achieve this. Ami is constantly learning, and her performance is always improving.

Call Center Productivity

Ami manages customer calls by considering agent availability and prioritising by customer urgency. Ami motivates customers to schedule calls where possible. Ami actively reduces customer waiting times and increases office productivity by providing agents with summarised information.

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