What does Conversations By Ami do?

Conversations By Ami is a software business that develops IP services delivered to clients in SaaS Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Our services enable our clients to deploy a conversational AI that helps drive sales growth and leads, acts as first line helpdesk and more - all of which enhanced through the use of natural language conversational interaction, data analysis and answer generation. We call this: Ami.

For more information about this, please see http://www.meetami.ai/.

Where is Ami based?

Ami works from the cloud at AWS in Ireland and our team operate on a 'work from anywhere basis'. We have an office in central London, where we meet about once a month. For our address, to join the team, make a press contact, or anything else, just ask Ami!

How do I join Ami's Team?

Ami’s team is a diverse group of talented, intelligent people who work collaboratively across multiple disciplines. We hire purely based on ability. If you want to join us, drop an email to support@meetami.ai with the subject line "Jobs" and tell us why you want to work with Ami. We strive to provide fair and conducive working conditions, as well as training and development opportunities. We operate on a work from anywhere and bring your own device basis.

What is Ami's ambition?

Ami’s team is proud to be driving the new paradigm of intelligent computing, allowing everyone to have useful conversations with all the information in their lives. We hope to live in a society where AI-powered economic growth creates a post-scarcity economy, removing money as the primary social lever. Gene Roddenberry imagined the mobile phone in the 1960s and a society without money. Why not? People told us we could not create an AI that could read in 2015 and we did!

What sets Ami apart from other chatbots?

Ami is an intelligent conversation engine. Ami does not need programming with complex user journeys before going live. Instead, Ami can read and create intelligent, human like conversations from the start.

How long does it take Ami to be all set up and ready?

Ami can be up and running, answering your customers queries, in as little as 4 weeks.

Who should I contact to find out more about Ami?

If you are interested in getting Ami on your team, please contact Lian Rowlands, Ami's Partnership Director. Lian is very active on LinkedIn. Feel free to check out Lian's LinkedIn profile and add her as a connection. If you prefer the more traditional route, Lian's email is lian@meetami.ai. For press or investor enquiries, please contact Louis at louis@meetami.ai. You can also check out Louis' LinkedIn profile here.

Why choose Ami?

Ami automates customer conversations with minimal client effort. Our linguistics team will handle refining Ami's algorithms to improve and accelerate learning, while your humans can focus on creating tangible value.

How can I see Ami in action?

If you want to get to know Ami, simply click on the Meet Ami Love Ami speech bubble to start a chat or arrange a demo.

What if I need some help with Ami? How do I contact support?

Ami's team is dedicated to support and facilitate your collaboration with Ami. We just need you to specify the urgency of your request (Critical/Urgent/Knowledge) in the first line of your email to support@meetami.ai, following these guidelines: 1. Critical - if Ami is not available. Critical request support is available 24/7 and will be investigated within 60 minutes. 2. Urgent - if Ami is performing slowly, has limited functionality or is only available intermittently. Urgent requests will be investigated within 60 minutes during business hours. 3. Knowledge - if Ami requires some linguistic refinement or supplementary content, and for any other support issue not classed as Critical or Urgent. Knowledge requests will be processed on the same day if we receive your request before midday, otherwise on the following day if we receive your request after midday. Here's an example email:

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