Jetline Cruise Increases Sales Since Employing Ami


Case Study: Jetline Cruise

Jetline Cruise is a leading cruise operator,

providing luxury travel for passengers at

competitive prices.


Jetline Cruise is a leading tour operator, offering trips to a wide range of destinations, across many cruise lines and ships.

The Challenge

Jetline Cruise has a high volume of website visitors looking to find a great cruise deal.

A high percentage of the website visitors are acquired on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis from search engines.

Jetline Cruise wanted to increase the return on investment from it’s CPC expenditure.

Jetline was looking to increase the amount of both qualification data and specific client data so the call centre team could increase their productivity.

The Solution

Ami was put live on the Jetline Cruise website in a few minutes by inserting a small tag into the website code.

Ami absorbed the Jetline Cruise website content as soon as she was deployed.  Within hours she was able to converse with visitors about cruise holidays.

Ami was employed by Jetline Cruise to engage with as many of the website visitors as possible.

Ami was told which Departments handle enquiries relevant to her conversations. Ami could then connect visitors to Agents using either phone, chat or email depending on the visitors’ preference.

Ami’s conversations with customers are natural and engaging and full of good advice. Customers can ask Ami any questions about their cruise. Ami’s answers are straightforward and honest.  Ami explains the options, offer a distinctive level of customer service, gathering vital visitor data including the customer’s contact details.

The Results

From day one Ami delivered results for Jetline Cruise.

Ami quickly learned the best way to turn browsing visitors into high-quality sales leads and customers.   Ami continues to find further improvements.  The Jetline call centre has successfully deployed lessons from Ami to improve their success rate when handling inbound enquiries that have originated on the telephone.

The feedback from customers was they could garner information faster and more efficiently when compared to traditional website navigation.  They particularly liked not having to search the website to get the information they required.

The Sales Agents love Ami. She sends them more sales leads, offering many more sales conversion opportunities. In return, Agents earn more commission as a result of using Ami.


  • Sales Volume: up 20% Year On Year.


Richard Seal. Head of E-commerce. Jetline Cruise.

 “Ami is now an established member of the team here at Jetline Cruise. Ami is learning more and more each day and is now seen as key part of our online delivery strategy”

“The sales Agents Love Ami”


Louis Halpern – Partner Active OMG

“I love seeing Ami performing.  I’ve come to expect the increases in sales, but when clients talk about Ami seamlessly being part of their team it is the best“

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