Ami’s Role

Ami guides your customers through their online journey by having conversations. Ami’s conversations have two goals; customer services and sales. Ami will read your website and be able to start working almost instantly. Ami can answer customer queries, schedule calls, create sales leads, or triage customers to relevant agents. Ami knows which department to send enquiries to and can even decide if the outcome should lead to a call, chat, or email, based on how hot she thinks a lead is. When Ami transfers customers to call centres, she attaches a summary of the deal’s key points, increasing agent productivity. Having Ami allows your team to be free to focus on customers who need a more human touch.
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Employing Ami is like having a full-time staff member. Ami is always available to answer your customer’s questions and she knows who to ask for help if needed. 
Ami is quick to set up. Just add Ami’s tag and she will read and understand your website almost immediately. Ami instantly gets to work, and she can handle most customer service questions unaided. There is no limitation to how many customers Ami can chat with simultaneously, and learning from every conversation enables Ami’s performance to continuously improve. 
Ami’s appearance can be fully customised using a range of settings in the dashboard. You can adjust her widget colours, change her name and add a company logo; ensuring Ami will always fit in with your brand.


Ami’s clients have all grown their sales, cut customer waiting times and improved their customer services.
Ami remembers all 14 million conversations she has had with customers and applies this knowledge to increase sales, your prospects’ engagement and their basket sizes. 
Ami’s best testimony is that she is put to work on customer’s second, third and fourth websites! 
Ami is a very fast reader and processes your website’s content almost immediately. Before she goes live on your site, the linguistics team will check Ami’s assumptions for accuracy.
Ami re-reads dynamic webpages each time a visitor lands on them. If your content changes or information expires, Ami updates her knowledge accordingly. 
Ami’s performance report will highlight any questions that Ami has not understood, and it will quickly become apparent whether she needs to be taught extra information.


Ami uses Natural Language Processing and Verbal Reasoning to understand your customer’s needs, and she independently decides how to respond in order to best meet your company’s objectives. 
Human conversations are not rigid, and neither are Ami’s. Ami can intelligently leave a conversation to answer an unrelated question, before returning back to the original conversation.


If the information is available on your website, Ami can conversationally use the website’s resources to: 
-Put items into a shopping basket
-Provide customers with information about their local store
-Provide prices using dynamic data
-Arrange appointments (if synced up to your outlook diary)
-Answer customer service questions


In Ami’s back office, you will be able to add missing content, check chat & call back history, answer live chats, view performance reports, and so much more. You have complete control over settings, such as: 
When Ami appears – You can tell Ami to appear instantly, after a delay or you can put your trust in Ami to decide herself. 
The speed in which Ami replies – You can set response times to appear more natural, or you can let Ami experiment to find out what your customers prefer. 
Conversational Recovery – When you move from your shopping basket to another page, Ami can pick up from where you left off, have a conversation with you and perhaps help with your purchase.

And that is just the beginning of what you can discover with Ami.

Ami can chat about so many different things in so many different ways.  If you want to know more, start chatting to Ami to arrange a demo!

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