Ami is conversational AI

Ami is a conversational AI

  1. Ami's clients make more sales
  2. Ami saves her clients money
  3. Ami has lots of features
  4. Ami's conversations achieve goals
  5. Explore the tiles to find out more about Ami

Ami is AI to make more sales

Ami is AI to Increase Your Sales

  1. Ami will increase your sales from day one
  2. Ami will provide you with more qualified leads
  3. Ami will make your website work harder
  4. Ami wants to be your 24/7 multi tasking sales assistant
  5. Ami’s success has been independently audited

Ami is quality sales leads

Ami generates more prospects

  1. Ami increases leads from client’s websites
  2. Ami improves sales lead quality
  3. Ami can prioritise more qualified leads
  4. Ami will increase your prospects’ engagement
  5. Ami increases basket size

Ami is great Customer Service

Ami happily answers customer questions 24/7

  1. Ami will handle all but the most complex enquires
  2. Ami knows who and how to ask for help in your company
  3. Annette - “fast quick and very responsive”
  4. Ailon “Surprised at the speedy response”
  5. Mrs Mckernon “brilliant service”

Ami is quick and easy to set up

Ami is easy to set up

  1. Add a tag like google analytics
  2. There are only 12 lines of code
  3. Ami will digest your site
  4. Tell Ami who to email and phone in your business
  5. That’s it, to get Ami going!

Ami is natural language conversations

Ami uses natural language

  1. Ami uses verbal reasoning to understand
  2. Ami understands structure, slang and context
  3. Ami answers in her clients’ brand tone
  4. Ami does not use predefined robotic responses
  5. Ami independently decides what to say

AMI values privacy and GDPR

Ami is fully GDPR compliant

  1. Ami’s GDPR is native
  2. Ami is “privacy by design”
  3. Ami collects all the right data
  4. Ami creates a full audit record
  5. Conversational consent rates are higher

Ami decides how to achieve her goals

Achieving goals brings business success

  1. Ami’s goals are to increase sales and provide customer support
  2. Ami’s accumulated experience drives Ami's success
  3. Ami’s algorithm works out the response most likely to achieve Ami's goals
  4. Ami’s constantly learns
  5. Ami’s performance is always improving

Ami is call centre productivity

Ami manages customer calls

  1. Ami considers agent availability
  2. Ami prioritises by customer urgency
  3. Ami motivates customers to give alternative times
  4. Ami actively reduces customer waiting time
  5. Ami provides agents with richer information