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Ami is automation technology for customer service conversations. Ami’s conversations reduce costs and improve the outcomes.

Learning from outcomes

Ami’s conversations, and learnings, ‘benchmark” against the outcomes of the conversations. Ami’s conversation outcomes are either self-service or to hand over to a human agent. Ami is then able to use machine learning to as a “self-improvement’ program.

Love Ami’s Performance

The graph shows Ami’s performance over the first 30 days on the website of a well known UK organisation. The brief was to reduce customer service contacts. The data is actual. We have removed the detail to respect confidentiality. The fluctuations evidence the machine learning behind Ami’s artificial intelligence to autonomously test different strategies. The trend line shows Ami’s growing success in reducing customer contacts.


Ami’s automation starts once you deploy Ami on your website. Ami will read your website and understand your customer’s conversations.

Natural Language Processing

Ami’s natural language processing is just that. That? Understanding your customers intent and subject of the conversations and be ready in real-time to answer your customer’s questions.


Ami’s dashboard gives you access to comprehensive reporting in real time. You can see conversation trends, make changes to your website and watch Ami autonomously talk about your next big thing.

Love Ami

Ami’s record with customer service, reducing handling time and self serving conversations is second to none. Ami’s sales record is equally impressive, with the ability to up-sell or qualify a lead a part of the playbook.

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