Our House 

Ami works from the cloud. Our office is in central London near Oxford Circus. For our address, join the team, a press contact or anything else please ask Ami!

Ami’s Origins

Ami’s conversations have been modelled on human conversations and follow a natural flow.  Ami’s first Alpha conversation was in 2015.

Ami’s Company

Our team work collaboratively together to create Ami from the ground up.  Our is a tight-knit talented team is composed of creative individuals with diverse skills, stretching across development and linguistics and much more.

Our Ambition

Ami’s team is proud to be driving the new paradigm of intelligent computing, allowing everyone to have useful conversations with all the information in their lives.

We hope to live in a society where the AI powered economic growth creates a post-scarcity economy, removing money as the primary social lever. Gene Roddenberry imagined the mobile phone in the 1960s and a society without money. Why not? People told us we could not create an AI that could read in 2015 and we did!