1 Jun 2022

Awarded ‘Seal of Excellence’ Certificate

Here at Ami HQ, we are excited to receive our award for Seal of Excellence.

With big plans to expand into Europe and develop Ami’s multilingualism, we submitted our proposal for the SME Instrument.

The SME Instrument is a business innovation scheme for EU member states and Horizon associated countries. The aim of the scheme is to financially support companies with the biggest growth potential and scalability, in order to place the business on the global stage.

Horizon is the biggest ever EU Research and Innovation programme, and they have presented us with an impressive award! We have been awarded ​The Seal of Excellence certificate​, which signifies that we have been successful in a highly competitive evaluation process by independent experts.

The Seal of Excellence certificate​ is awarded to companies who score 85% or above in their proposals. Scoring a monumental 93%, we have been recognised as a high potential European company.

The award demonstrates the high-quality business potential of our project, endorsing Ami’s prosperous future overseas!

We are thrilled to have received the ​Seal of Excellence Certification​ and are very excited to watch Ami develop her language skills and travel across borders.