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Apologies, I thought I was talking to a computer…

That's right, Ami, with the help of our linguists, delivers language so natural that it is mistaken for a human’s.

Ironically, customers going as far as to apologise for treating Ami like a chatbot. This reaction exemplifies not only the attitudes towards conversational AI but the reasoning behind our drive towards human-like conversations.

Customers do not want to deal with robotic conversation, and this is a prime example. Users want to feel heard and understood so their problems are resolved quickly. The way to achieve this is through fluid, interactive and meaningful conversations. Ami strives for this in many ways through empathic language, understanding of context and a natural tone of voice. With human-like conversations comes cooperative customers, resolved queries and happy clients.

However, this does not come without its challenges. Despite the importance we hold for Ami to converse in a human-like manner, user expectations must be managed. Yes, we aim to engage users, but it is also vital for Ami to be transparent and not play ‘human’. As much as Ami can chat to people all day long, Ami is an AI and people shouldn’t be misled. So, alongside Ami’s empathy, tone of voice, and memory, come features which don’t give the impression they are speaking to a real person. This can simply be achieved through an explicit ‘virtual assistant’ name, introductory message, or icon.

Our goal at Conversations by Ami is for Ami to produce clear, intellectual, and dynamic conversations which create an interactive environment, enhance user experience and fulfil clients’ goals. Let’s leave clunky robotic exchanges to the vintage chatbots and welcome fluid communication.

To find out more about Ami's conversations or to schedule a demo, click here.

API & Webhook Support

For further information on Ami's API's and Webhooks please contact the support team using the button below and selecting API Information. 

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