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13th of June 2024

How Ami helped to generate over £8 million worth of sales leads for a British retail company

The retail sector has to always balance maximising sales without compromising customer experience, this while minimising costs. Ami being present on the website to generate sales provides a solution all these dilemmas.

Ami can direct customers towards the sale of goods and services or anything a client is interested in actively introducing to customers in an optimised and customisable manner, bespoke to each individual customer. In the process capturing a segment of customers that would never otherwise begin a transaction, creating hot leads from the wider website traffic. Bespoke, as Ami can follow a customer around the website, knowing what web pages they have browsed and products researched so that Ami can engage the customer in a personalised way from the start of the sale.

Customisable with the client able to customise every part of Ami sales, from offering extra services to the tone of voice can be altered to suit the client’s needs.

And, thanks to Ami’s comprehensive analytics allows for an optimised approach. Through the analysis of data, insights can be used to guide improvements to services clients offer to their customers. Such as knowing that waiting 10 seconds between customer looking at a product to Ami offering a sale returns the best proportion of qualified sales leads. But far more data driven optimisations are available from average customer budgets all the way to the web pages that produce the most qualified leads.

In a store, staff can approach customers and engage them directly but a human cannot stand around on a website which is where Ami sales comes in, being able to engage customers and provide a source of potential revenue that would otherwise be inaccessible. An automated solution to the issue also come with the benefit of a more attractive price tag than the army of live agents that would be needed to engage as many customers as Ami can on a website. Using examples from past clients, Ami sales are used to encourage customers to make bookings for the services on offer.

In the past 3 months, only 690 customer-initiated appointment bookings through Ami while Ami sales brought in 2,454 customers, or around 350% more leads than if Ami did not act proactively. The benefits are even clearer when seeing how many of these became qualified leads, only 27% when customers initiated but 54% of Ami lead sales became qualified.

That is £8.3 million in potential revenue, while without Ami, only £1.1 million would have presented itself. In other terms, that is an 8-fold increase in potential revenue, or once Ami’s costs are incorporated up to a 1300 time return on investment.

All of this still ignores the less tangible but still highly beneficial value the accompanying analytics provide. A wide array of data from invites can be tracked: time of day, webpage URLs, interest in optional services, lead conversion rates etc. But for most retail clients, aiming to provide a high quality but affordable service, budget information is a key metric that we understand well. Knowing what a customer is willing to spend has wide reaching impacts, influencing the focus on what products to make available, stock decisions, insights into what customers could be looking for from their projects and many more. Like budget data by project type, or change in the average budget over the year.

Ami sales are, overall, a cost-effective way to capture and convert a segment of online potential customers into qualified leads that is hard to do with other methods. And with it, is available an array of data driven insights that can be used to influence and improve areas that span across departments, not just the single goal of increasing sales through the website. to the team behind the magic, there is a lot to be excited about at Conversations by Ami. 



William Yang Zhao-Bird



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