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How Much are Repetitive Customer Support Questions Costing Your Business?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Creating efficiency in a customer support environment is crucial to provide a better customer experience, reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance reputation, and gain valuable insights.

How much are repetitive customer support questions costing your business?

How many times a day do your agents have a conversation with a customer who could have found the answer by reading your website? How much do these repetitive questions and answers cost your business?

Our Conversation Automation AI, Ami, regularly & independently deals with at least 80% of these redundant enquiries. Your Customer Support environment can easily reduce these incurring costs to your business through Ami’s Conversation Automation AI by answering automatable questions.

Active Listening

Ami’s Automation Conversation brain has an active listening layer; a layer that involves focusing fully on understanding the question and responding appropriately.

‘Ask Better Questions and Get Better, Faster Results.’

Active listening enables Ami to determine the most relevant questions to ask, Ami can then gather essential information to have well-structured, and most importantly automated, conversations. This meets the objectives of both the businesses and customers, boosting productivity in the process.

Understanding the Request

Ami is skilled at formulating effective questions. Within human conversations effective questioning is the key to understanding, Ami applies the same principles. Ami assesses the relevance of user's enquiry, applies this to the conversation's objectives and identifies the essence of complicated tasks.

Ami can leverage generative AI layers to ask the generative layer multiple questions which relate to a goal. Being goal driven, Ami is then able to decide the best answer to the most relevant question to reach the conversation's goals.

Sometimes humans ask vague or imprecise questions. The Generative layer in tandem with Ami's AI layer creates an additional data source that enables the creation of a larger universe of questions to clarify what is being asked.

For example, a customer could ask the following “I am so upset with the whiskey tumblers I received from you. It was a gift, and because of the chip in one of them, I'll have to wait for another one to arrive” ... The real question here is much simpler, ‘I need a replacement for a set of whisky tumblers I purchased, the one you sent me was broken’.

How does Ami Work; asks questions to understand what user is looking for. Ami learns and adapts at scale. Ami strives to achieve KPIs. Ami learns without bias. Ami learns from client approved information only.

Clients who deploy Ami have now freed up agent expertise to deal with both complex enquiries and assist with the development of new products and tools for their organizations. Tasks are now being executed more efficiently and effectively, which is accelerating their Customer Satisfaction Scores and improving their productivity.

See how you can use Ami to free up your agents to do good work. Schedule a quick 15-minute demo.

Jay Bowen Co-Founder Conversations by Ami North America.

API & Webhook Support

For further information on Ami's API's and Webhooks please contact the support team using the button below and selecting API Information. 

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