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13th of June 2024

Meeting Ami: My Introduction to the World of Conversational AI 

In this era of rapid advancements, many of us have been encountering AI in a whole new way lately. I’m no exception, having spent the last month getting up close and personal with the world of AI after embarking in a new role as a Linguist Analyst with Conversions by Ami. 


Before now, my interaction with conversational AI had been limited. Whilst I knew chatbots served a purpose, I had always assumed they were restricted to a handful of basic topics and admittedly always asked to speak to an agent at the earliest opportunity in the conversation. That was before I met Ami. 


Support for a range of sectors 


From councils to major retailers, there is no limit to the type of organisations that Ami can help. In fact, one of the first things I observed was the vast range of sectors our clients come from. Conversational AI is not just for the retail industry, and in fact the right chatbot can improve customer service for any business. 


I quickly realised that by maintaining a close relationship with our clients, we can ensure that the advice that Ami provides is specialised, current and correct. Knowledge of the client and their customers is vital, allowing us to understand and predict the questions that Ami might be asked.  


The flexible nature of Ami 


Considering the vast range of businesses that Ami can help, it is clear that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to conversational AI. Every business is different, and therefore it is important that Ami is flexible, from tone of voice and Ami’s given name on your site, to eliciting the information your agents need. By continuously refining based on customer conversations, client feedback and the latest technology, Ami can be anything you want her to be for your business. 

The people behind the technology 

Yes, the technology is amazing - but so are the people! At such an exciting time in the world of AI, the team’s hunger to make Ami the best she can be was apparent from my very first day. By taking note of developments in generative AI and championing innovation, this passion shines through in every conversation Ami holds. 


As impressive as AI is, it is the humans behind Ami that help her to understand aspects such as context and nuances in meaning. Ami does not just consist of singular responses.

A conversation can have multiple twists and turns, and therefore Ami needs to be equipped with the conversational skills and knowledge to be able to have meaningful conversations. 

It is often these conversational elements that make an interaction successful, so much so that as humans we often take them for granted.  


An altered perception of conversational AI 


Looking back at the last month, my perception of conversational AI has undergone a significant transformation as I have discovered more about its capabilities. As a linguist, it is especially fascinating and rewarding to witness the conversational elements that we often take for granted as humans, play a crucial role in Ami’s conversations. From the versatility of Ami to the team behind the magic, there is a lot to be excited about at Conversations by Ami. 



Jessica Draper




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