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Monumental Shifts in Conversation Automation Impacting the Bottom Line.

Conversation Automation - Conversation is the human algorithm

Conversations are the Human Algorithm.

Humans use conversations to communicate. Conversation Automation is a real AI trend impacting business Bottom Line.

Conversation is the most efficient, intuitive, natural way to communicate with, and control computers. This monumental shift in Conversation Automation computing is now providing multiple advantages over traditional user interfaces.

One key benefit is efficiency. Conversational computing removes the need for coding or complex tools to garner information and alone will unlock the hidden potential in an organization’s workforce.

Conversational AI is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology, alone leading to significant gains in productivity.

Through Conversation Automation We have already proven a 10x Conversion Rate vs Traditional Digital Initiatives and have shown a 20% Boost in Customer Satisfaction. The technology, Ami, is delivered to customers in their conversations with the business. Ami uniquely deploys machine learning for continued improvement to better achieve your business goals.

Ami’s Conversation Automation AI is unique because it sits alongside your existing ecosystem and is minimal cost and effort to deploy.

Why is Ami Different - it feels like you are talking to a real person and works alongside your Chatbot or CRM and understands your business goals.

These pioneering organizations who have been able to discuss opportunities and challenges directly with AI statistical models have communicated more efficiently with their customers and are seeing an improvement in their bottom line as they continue to improve productivity of their customer support.

If you have not considered automating the 80% of repeated customer conversations in your organization, you should do a quick demo and see how Ami is revolutionizing the Customer Service environment. Click here to book a Demo.

Jay Bowen - Co Founder Conversations by Ami North America

API & Webhook Support

For further information on Ami's API's and Webhooks please contact the support team using the button below and selecting API Information. 

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