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13th of June 2024

Revolutionizing Conversations: The Benefits of a Button-Free Chatbot


In the vast landscape of chatbots, our unique approach sets us apart - we advocate for button-free conversations. This is a design philosophy that we have persisted with for many years now and as the market and our product matures, it becomes increasingly clear that we have made the right choice. Let's delve into the three key advantages of embracing conversational methods over buttons. 


Psychology: Embracing Human-like Interactions 

Humans prefer expressing themselves freely, without the constraints of buttons. Each conversation we have is unique, making it more human-like.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between existing technology and society's biases against AI and chatbots. 

We all know that traditional chatbots often fail to engage users, as people want to interact with other people, not robots. By imitating human conversations, we bring our chatbot closer to achieving our vision. Consider the recent popularity of ChatGPT, a prime example of an AI that captivated users with its human-like design. Using buttons would have undoubtedly failed to make the same lasting impression on the public. Ami also attempts this by empowering users, allowing them to freely express themselves, leading to a more personalised and tailored experience. 


Overcoming Limitations: Flexibility and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 

When using a chatbot with buttons, we give up flexibility for control. While it may seem reasonable, a button-based system generates a lot of false data, making improvements challenging. Customer queries often go beyond a limited set of options, leading to low customer satisfaction and a decrease in first contact resolution. Customers may even go through multiple journeys, manipulating data and burdening incorrect agent departments. From our experience, although companies might have a lot of experience with customers, important content is almost always missed with buttons. By using natural language, we can identify recurring gaps in content or knowledge, enabling us to continuously expand our chatbot's capabilities and improve website content, while preserving data as accurately as possible. 


Empowering Data Collection: Unleashing AI's Potential 

While not the primary motivation for deployment, AI significantly enhances data collection capabilities. Many of our team members have previously worked in call centres, understanding the immense effort required to categorise conversations. We also understand that agents will always struggle to match an AI's data collection capabilities. Ami can capture detailed information without limitations by asking open-ended, meaningful questions during conversations. For example, we can collect valuable data such as popular locations for a booking, or products mentioned for retail. This level of data granularity is impossible to achieve with buttons due to the sheer number of options available. 

By embracing a design philosophy centred around conversational methods, we not only retain more customers, but also enhance Ami's capabilities, optimize available content, and gather data more effectively. Conversational AI optimizes available content, gathers data more effectively and achieves goals through human-like conversations. We firmly believe that these are all important steps towards achieving our vision, and ultimately, they all make Ami’s conversations human-like. 


Robert Flick



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