The Active OMG Backstory

Active OMG came to life running PPC campaigns for well known High Street names. Lawrence began to develop a range of products. The software enhanced online marketing results.

At the back end of 2015 the idea of developing an intelligent conversational engine to help companies sell emerged. The Company pivoted and conversational AI, Ami was born. The business was re-organised to make Ami the focus.

The company HQ moved from Brighton to London. Lawrence and Louis joined forces.  Both had a background in emerging technology; Lawrence in engineering, Louis in commerce.

Ami’s team is now made up of a diverse group of highly skilled individuals, comprised of development, linguistics and business management teams.

Ami currently works with many clients across various industries. At the moment, Ami knows about travel, local government, insurance, and retail.

Ami’s team are always working hard to improve her algorithms and teach her more. We hope Ami will be multilingual by the end of 2019, and soon Ami will be able to continue conversations with customers via WhatsApp!


2009 - Birth
2010 - 4 man office
2011 - launch first digital platform ActiveTrack
2012 - bigger better offices
2013 - second office in London
2015 - Ami is born
2016 - Ami gets some Alpha clients
2017 - Ami goes into public Beta
2018 - Ami is set free

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