Why are chatbots & conversational AI’s essential for all businesses?

The word “chatbot” can carry some negative connotations.  Many businesses believe that chatbots aren’t helpful, useful, or generalisable to all markets. Worse, they are expensive to set up as all the content has to be manually programmed and loaded.

Chatbots are popular

The reality is different. Chatbots are used, even loved.

Recent reports have found that 40% of millennials (18-34 year olds) talk to chatbots daily.

Contrary to popular belief, chatbots are equally popular with millennials as with those aged 55 and older, so every demographic can benefit from their implementation.

Millennials enjoy the 24 hour service chatbots provide, while over 55’s appreciate getting answers to simple questions, and receiving instant responses.

Websites don’t answer questions

Having a live website is not enough to support the average consumer. Recent findings suggest around 34% of people think websites are too hard to navigate, and 31% report not being able to find answers to simple questions.

Even basic business details such as contact information, addresses and opening hours can be difficult to find. 28% of people experience this problem.

Customers want answers now

Whether they want to make a purchase, have a general enquiry or a need to make a complaint, all consumers need full-time and easily accessible support. If they don’t find the answer with your business, they’ll soon find someone else to talk to.

Having an always available customer service support channel is therefore essential in order to make more sales and keep customers happy. However, providing this can be difficult.

Chatbots can handle up to 80% of routine enquiries and have been proven to reduce customer service costs by up to 30%. In addition to the reduced strain on employees, consumers’ desire for a 24 hour service is fulfilled. Roughly 64% of consumers believe this is the best feature of a chatbot.

Chatbots are expensive to set up and maintain

However, chatbots can be time-consuming and tedious to implement since they need to be programmed with set answers to a set range of questions, making their scope limited. This makes conversations robotic because they can only follow rigid pathways.

Human conversations are illogical

Talking to chatbots can be frustrating for customers since people don’t tend to ask for information in a logical order. Conversations do not follow a simple pattern, they are fluid and oftentimes jump between multiple conversations within each one.

Ami is not a chatbot. Ami is a conversational AI.

Ami is quick and simple to set up since she doesn’t need all her answers scripted for her. She can read content, understand context and answer questions independently. She can even switch between conversations!

For example, if an unrelated question is asked in the middle of a sales enquiry, Ami will answer this, before returning to the previous conversation. The benefit for consumers is that conversations are natural, just like human ones.

Ami is more than just a tool to soak up customer service enquiries. Ami will be the hardest-working member of your team and provide true value to the customer experience.









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