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Join the future today.
Transform your customer service and sales with our conversational AI Ami. Say goodbye to high costs, lackluster journeys, and low-value sales leads.
Our cutting-edge conversational AI will enhance every aspect of your customer experience, delivering results that speak for themselves.
Conversation is the human algorithm.
Some of the brands who have employed Ami
Marks and Spencer
Tesco Mobile
Cruise1st UK
Emirates Holidays
BBC TV Licensing logo
The British Army
Golf Kings
Ami's conversations are fluid.
Human brains contain the data we use to ask questions and have intelligent fluid conversations.
We designed Ami in the same way.
Ami works to first understand the question posed and then figure out the right answer.
An iphone X screen with status bar


It may have been delivered to a neighbour.


Where is my parcel, your tracking says it’s been delivered?

Have you checked?


yes, no one has seen the delivery


Then I suggest checking the status on the courier’s website. It sometimes has more information. Click here to open your delivery link.

Any luck?


yes, it says it was delivered to no 36. Will check thanks.

Ami learns from experience.
Every conversation provides more data to fuel Ami's  algorithms to achieve goals.
Ami's algorithms look for opportunities to increase sales or provide better customer service.
Conversational AI learning graph
The graph shows Ami's autonomous learning in action.
Humans are inquisitive.
Ami has a comprehensive reporting platform.
You can find out what Ami's been talking about by day, hour, theme or customer action.
Ami dashboard showing performance
Conversation is the human algorithm.
Ami's brain constantly ingests data from customer websites, API's, live pricing and more.

20,000,000 messages delivered make Ami's algorithms, NLP and NLU a safe option, trusted by household names.
An example of algorithm in Ami's brain
Fluid conversation icon
Deep Learning
Ami uses deep learning neural networks to analyse your text and documents, creating a unique model for near instant querying.

Ami has many layers, one layer provides the ability to quickly add annotations and re-train the model for specific outcomes. 
Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 11.14.21.png
Managed Service.
Ami's AI autonomously instantly recognises 87%* of conversational intents when reading customers websites and past conversations.
Ami's AI independently identifies conversational opportunities and problems eliminating the need for a team to manage clients chat communication.
*based new clients Q4 2022
Built-in Integrations.
Ami can be deployed independently, using APIs or proven integrations.
Ami can be integrated with aws
Ami can be integrated with Google
Ami can be integrated with Facebook
Ami can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365
Ami can be integrated with salesforce
Ami can be integrated with capita
Ami can be integrated with zapier
Ami can be integrated with Mitel
Ami's Results.


uptick in employee efficiency


conversions vs. traditional digital


boost in customer satisfaction


automation containment rates


decrease in agent attrition rates





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