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Specialising in safe, controllable 
enterprise AI

AI Consultancy    AI Products   AI Research

You are in good company.

Trusted across sectors.

We take pride in offering tailored AI solutions to blue-chip companies and organisations. 

What we do.


Our team consists of experienced professionals in the field of conversational AI and our mission is to enhance the reputation of AI whilst focusing on safety.

✓ Interface design

✓ AI Behaviour

✓ Integration

✓ Safety

✓ Reporting & analytics

Product Development

We understand the risks that traditional AI poses to customer service. We choose to design, develop, and fine-tune our own innovative mixed model to combat common generative AI pitfalls and weaknesses.


✓ Safe & Privacy shielded

✓ Precise, steerable, non-hallucinating

✓ Multilingual and contextual

✓ Easy integration

✓ Extensive, custom-made  analyics

In collaboration with the UK Government, following the guidelines set by the EU and the Turing Institute, our aim is to answer the ever-increasing dangers of AI. Our innovation and research focuses on safety without compromising performance.

✓ Mixed model

✓ Algorithmic predictions

✓ Controllable Generative AI

✓ Customer behaviour research

✓ Collaboration with the UK Government

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