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Increase sales and reduce costs with conversational AI, Ami.

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Return on Investment

You have invested in your website, now Meet Ami.

Ami reads, understands and is ready to answer customer questions. Ami is an intelligent chat-bot. No programming, no setup and only minimal maintenance.

More sales, happier customers, fewer costs, now Love Ami.

Ami changes self service into personal service.

Ami will read your website

Ami will understand what you are selling and almost instantly get to work.

Ami will be able to answer customer queries, fill shopping baskets, schedule calls, create sales leads and connect customers to the right person.

Why invest in Ami?

Ami will be your shopkeeper, infinitely patient and permanently suggesting items your customer wants.

Ami tells your customer what they really want to know.

Clients typically have 15% sales growth in the first week, increasing as Ami learns about your customers.

Ami answers every question

Your customers can ask Ami questions in any order. Ami will answer all your customer’s questions and remember to finish every conversation started.

Ami is proven technology

Ami has answered 14 million questions for brands like Emirates Holidays.

Customer Service

Just like a new employee, Ami learns and adapts to your organisations’ specific communications.

Ami saves support costs by automating 70% of your customer support. Your customers will appreciate from rapid intelligent 24/7 responses.

Natural language self-determined conversations provide the answers your customers are looking for. If Ami does not know the answer, Ami can hand off by telephone, email or even WhatsApp!

Conversational AI

Conversational AI chatbots are powerful tools, facilitating unlimited and simultaneous unique customer conversations with customers.

By the end of next year, 67% of people will expect to see or use conversational computing interfaces when talking to a business.

Ami is a proven conversational AI chatbot, ready to work after only a few tests, improving with every conversation.

Ami Increases Sales

Ami’s algorithms constantly refine Ami’s sales techniques. With over 14 million conversations of experience, Ami has the skills of your best salesperson.

Ami understands how valuable hero products are to your business. Ami can even introduce a promotion into her conversation to help close the deal. Should Ami see a prospect leaving their shopping cart, Ami can recover their basket.

Conversational selling increases revenues

Today’s customers want to personalise their goods, whether it’s by colour, shape, size or function.

Ami will expertly guide your customers through their sales journey, answering their questions along the way, never forgetting what they want to buy.

Turbocharged Lead Generation

Ami generates 50% more leads from existing traffic. Ami’s conversations increase engagement. Conversational data collection exceeds the return on investment from forms.

Ami improves conversion rates by prioritising qualified leads, redirecting these customers to more immediate channels.

Ami takes care of GDPR

Ami finds out who wants marketing emails. Ami can even send the email with follow-up information from their conversation.

Ami knows who wants to be called now and uses her own telephone system to connect to your team. Alternatively, Ami can schedule a call or make an appointment in your diary.

Ami is conversational artificial intelligence that increases sales on clients websites.