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Ami Reporting.

Customer Behaviour  •  AI Performance  •  Agent Insights

We pride ourselves on offering the most complete and accurate data analytics on the market.

Ami Reporting suite is fully customisable - our clients deserve nothing less.

Previous custom projects have included:

✓ What is the reading age of customers
✓ What out-of-scope questions are being asked?
✓ What are the customer types & other democratic details?
✓ How many chats had a First Contact Resolution?
✓ What external factors influence negative CSAT?


KPIs in action.

Standardised view.

You don't always need unique solutions. Our standardised report addresses the most commonly asked questions.

Image by Yashowardhan Singh

✓ Number of widget loads

✓ Number of widget opens

✓ Number of chats

✓ Number of interactions

✓ Number of questions

✓ Response time

✓ Serving time

✓ Hourly breakdown

✓ Average CSAT

✓ Automation Rate

✓ Mode of escalation

✓ Reason for escalation

✓ Number of retained customers

✓ Reasons for contact breakdown

✓ Transfer Queue breakdown

✓ Sub-theme breakdown

✓ Product breakdown

✓ Location breakdown

✓ Customer type

✓ Website source

✓ Most common words

✓ Sentiment

✓ Complaint analysis

✓ Percentage of chats with error

Questions or unique needs?
We would love to help.

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