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About us.

We bring extensive experience in supplying safe, controllable enterprise solutions aimed at boosting automation and business outcomes.

Our Milestones.

✓ Ami platform was created

✓ Ami Chat outperforms IBM's Watson

✓ Ami Reporting

✓ Integration of contextual understanding

✓ Introduced live translation

✓ Provides evidence to the UK Government APPG on  AI

✓ Integrated with Generative AI models

✓ Developed our Safe & Secure Mixed Model

Our Team.

Our team consists of talented individuals from all over the world, based in London.

Our Client Services team ensures our clients are happy and delegates tasks to the rest of the team.

Client Support

The Linguistics team is responsible for researching and configuring our Ami Chat AI platform.


The Data team takes care of all data-related tasks, from data handling to analytics.


The Tech team implements new features whilst focusing on integration, privacy, and security.


Our Support team is here to help our clients with urgent queries and tasks.


All career-related queries are handled by our Employment team.


We’re always looking for bright minds to join our team. For career-related queries, please contact



Lawrence Turner.

Managing Director


Robert Flick.

Head of AI and Data


Raquel Barrigana.

Head of Client Services

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