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Safety is paramount in all aspects of our operations, from initial design to final deployment.

Regulatory frameworks.

We adhere to best practices outlined in the EU AI liability directive proposal and the UK Goverment's Guidance while maintaining stringent internal AI policies to guarantee the safety and trustworthiness of our AI systems.


We actively collaborate with the UK Parliament to enhance AI safety by both collecting and providing insights on a wide range of topics related to AI. 

The European Commission published a proposal for a directive on adopting artificial intelligence. This directive intends to ensure that persons harmed by AI systems enjoy the same level of protection as persons harmed by other technologies in the EU.

The Office for Artificial Intelligence (OAI) and the Government Digital Service (GDS) have produced the following guidance in partnership with The Alan Turing Institute on AI ethics and safety.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group addresses the economic, safety and ethical implications of developing and implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Safety at Ami.

At Ami, we've developed comprehensive Al policies that all employees are required to sign. These policies are crafted to guide the design, development, and deployment of Al systems, with a primary focus on ensuring safety and reliability.

We prioritise ethical and responsible Al practices throughout our operations, fostering trust among our stakeholders and clients.


Through ongoing training and reinforcement of these policies, we empower our employees to make informed decisions and contribute to the creation of Al systems that benefit society while minimising potential harm.

How we operate


Our compliance with the EU AI liability directive is fundamental. We rigorously follow its guidelines throughout our AI development process, ensuring alignment with its provisions from inception to maintenance.


Through a focus on transparency, accountability, and risk management, we maintain adherence to the directive's principles, building trust with stakeholders and clients.


This is overseen by our compliance team, we conduct regular audits to ensure adherence and identify areas for improvement. Our staff receives ongoing training and support to navigate AI liability regulations effectively. 

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