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Ami Chat.

Non-hallucinating  •  Safe & Secure   Precise

Our AI Chat represents the next wave in conversational technology.


We blend prescriptive and generative technologies resulting in the expansive capabilities of Generative AI, while maintaining the precision and reliability that comes from a more structured, prescriptive system.

Ami Chat can be integrated into all the major platforms.


We are competitive while focusing on safety and control.


automation rate


increase in CSAT


employee efficiency


return of investment


We have a newsletter sign up on the home page – 200 per month. When Ami went live that jumped to 2000 opted in sign ups per month. This meant we had a greater audience to communicate with whom we were engaged.

Simon Hoe

Global Ecommerce Director


This AI bot can help us work more efficiently and means we can help more animals. Being able to get this question answered, before going through to a human agent, means we can get through the chat faster, and therefore answer more chats. 

Ellie McGarry

RSPCA Specialist Team

Ami can automatically update with any changes in our website, can handle unlimited conversations and we can also analyse the chats to make improvements definitely make it stand out from the competition.

Alison Blount

Head of Revenues

Core features.

We aim to develop a product that raises the industry standard.

Our Engines.

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